Monday, May 10, 2004

First Post

My first ever post on my new blog.

I'm not that angry. Well, sometimes I am. Lately I am, mostly at the Right Wing of the Republican Party.

But that kind of stuff will just eat you up, and meanwhile nothing constructive will get done.

And everybody's bitching and moaning that John Kerry has no "message".

You know what his message is lately? "Look at those clowns- and watch them hang themselves."

I've also noticed a lot of quotes from STAR WARS can apply to the current world situation- like when Princess Leia is being rescued from the Death Star by Han and Luke- think of it terms of the Iraqi people being liberated by the U.S.:

LEIA:This is some rescue. When you came in here, did you have any plan for getting out?

HAN: He's the brains, sweetheart!

Hmmm... Who were the brains? Wolfowitz? Perle? Cheney? Tenet? Rice? Rove? Hughes?

Anybody but Bush, I guess. Unless you're talking about 41. He knew better.