Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Personal to Cmdr. Vinvok

Apparently there's some kind of blogging etiquette about keeping your blog secret, not telling your friends and family about it...

Man, I have had enough of your rules, man. Man.

This is a post for the Commander, whom I will call and say "Commander, check out my blog today, because there is a tidbit for YOU there" and I will know if he really checked it out, because I am telling him NOW to leave a comment to prove his love- er, uh... to prove he was truly here.

Commander, here is the McSweeney's article I told you about:


Monday, June 27, 2005

edged of allegianced

Completely unrelated blog here.
He's the Monkey King, and he links to this video, Apache, which will change the tenor of your day, if not your week.
Unless you are a hopeless tight-ass that isn't fun ever.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Blogger Images are here...

Hopefully Blogger Images will make adding stolen pictures even easier! I used it to snag this test from Art Bell... (I still call Coast To Coast AM "Art Bell" because George Noory is a right-wing tool. And by tool I don't mean he's a means to an end or a cog in the right-wing dumb machine- I mean he's a penis. A wang. A dick.)

Open lines ! West of the Rockies! You're on the air! Turn your radio down!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


In celebration of my American Freedom that so many are fighting to protect (well, that's their noble intention, so I appreciate their sacrifice more than I can say) I think I'll burn an American Flag!

Seriously- is the Senate going to let this happen? Of course they are! It's been the Right Wing Nutjob Dream for so long!

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My God- what are we becoming? A nation of childish jingoists... blind... incapable of understanding the ramifications of our actions...

The Republican States of America.

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Face flushed from another day with a toxic coworker, I can only muster enough energy to link to this site that handles the whole flag burning "issue" quite well, with information about the official flag rules and ettiquette and all that...like this:

"The only "respectable" way to dispose of a worn or soiled flag is to give it a ceremonial and dignified retirement, preferably by burning it. Ironically, the American Legion and Boy Scouts burn thousands of flags every year in respectful retirement ceremonies. The only difference between their actions, and the actions of a long-haired hippie protestor are the thoughts in the minds of the two. Do you want to live in a country that arrests people for "anti-American thoughts?" I sure don't. "

You know it still really bothers me when someone hangs an American Flag short-side up, but the wrong way- with the field of blue on the right instead of where it belongs, on the left. And I believe that flag burning is a protected right of free speech and should remain so! But if you hang it wrong, or make it into a necktie, or a pair of hot pants, then I am a bit offended!

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By the way, when was the last time you saw an American flag being burned? Not on TV- with your own two eyes... in the streets...honestly?

My guess is the answer is never.

Must we monkey with the Constitution to appeal to our childish natures? Our Big Daddy/Big Brother/Big Government lazy selves?

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Of course, Cassandra says we could always pass a law that says that American flags must be made of non-flammable material, but that's too clever...and it involves science... and Baby Jesus(tm) doesn't like science...

Hey- don't burn that flag! My All-American Baby hasn't taken a shit in it yet!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Little Monster Hand Girl

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this monster hand of mine stinks.

even nail polish doesn't help

Saturday, June 18, 2005


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Crazy Girls, La Brea Ave., Hollywood, CA

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Must... not...show...common sense...keep ... war... going...

Lt. Gen. Conway

"If you look at it from the insurgents' perspective, they know our history, just as we study them," General Conway said. "And they see where we have withdrawn previously, in Vietnam, in Beirut, in Somalia, and nothing would make them happier, I suppose, than to think that there is a deadline out there."

I posted this because I saw a clip of this press briefing on the Newshour on PBS, and it gave a me a chill... to hear Lieutenant General Conway bring up what some consider "failures" of American military resolve reminded me that there are those, not on the front lines of the "terror war", that will never give an inch- they are Nixonians and Kissingerites that were Young Republicans and are still convinced that we should have dropped the Big One on the North Vietnamese... they're still stinging at Nixon's downfall (hence the revisionist history surrounding the recent outing of Deep Throat).

Mr. Di Rita said he believes, in the long-term, the American public will look back on the U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as missions that were worth the loss of American lives.

Man, I hope so.


Lookout, Quincy!

I want to make a cynical prediction:

Some right-wing Jesus freak fascist is going to go after Dr. Jon Thogmartin, the Florida medical examiner that confirmed that Terri Shiavo was never going to get better.

I did a google search on Thogmartin and found that he was the M.E. that performed the autopsy on the son of a noted Scient*logist- the son who drowned trying to cleanse himself of cocaine addiction by swimming in the ocean(?) If you read the report, you see that Dad is a proponent of the Scient*ology's Narconon- the bogus mumbo-jumbo drug "treatment" program that the Thetans use... interestingly, the decedent had not spoken to his Scient*ologist parents for some time, and both parents last meetings with their boy ended in arguments. tragic, of course, but compounded by their adherence to L. Ron Blubbard's BULLSHIT.

(Why the "*"? Because those space people, like Republicans, make powerful, chidish, and vindictive enemies. Look out, Quincy! )

Sherri ought to have something nasty soon: here

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Who's been a lazy blogger?

I have.

I'm sure I've disappointed my fan.

I'm so lazy I just grabbed photos from tony pierce's busblog for this entry- pretty sure I saw tony at the West Hollywood Gateway shopping center last week- didn't say anything- the playwright I was having coffee with wouldn't know who he was, nor would he want to talk about anyone else but himself, so...

that's right- i was having coffee with a playwright... cuz I'm literate n' shit...

seen a lot of celebrities lately- Martin Landau, Paul Stanley, Spike Jonze... all in or around my office...that's life in tinseltown fer ya...

When the Revolution comes, these motherfuckers are going to wish their goddamned Hummer was uparmored:

This next one tony must have got from the Freewayblogger, one of my personal heroes, who I also met once here in Hollywood, but I will never give away his secret identity, you Homeland Security lurking Stormtroopers- the joke's on you - I FORGOT his secret identity, due to overuse of my "prescription", no doubt. By the way- I hope Justice Rehnquist isn't in too much pain from his chemo... a nice long toke might help with the nausea, but he can ease the slow trickling pain and the creeping knowledge that his throat is being eaten away by malignancy by downing a full bottle of DUMB SHORTSIGHTED RIGHTEOUS STUPIDITY. He may be in agony, but he stuck it to the hippies!

the downing street memo(s?)... this one won't stick either because the right-wing nuts of today LIKE the idea of the Preppy Cowboy kicking ass, breakin' rules, doin' it his way.

Of course, those people need to sign up for duty in Iraq like, yesterday...

thass right... we sexy

Well, I haven't been TOO lazy- the wife and I shot a short film at a stolen location using "borrowed" equipment... not too bad... only mentioned divorcing each other a few times during production. But she's burning up the Final Cut Pro like a mofo. If I hadn't violated two corporations' copywritten materials without seeking their permission you might be able to see it someday! But I did, so you probably won't.

I am a lazy filmgoer, too. I just watched the DVD of Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow. The filmmaker is my age! I like that- we late bloomers have to support each other! Cuz the younger pod people are going to ruin this country...

The film was silly and fun and full of references- Star Wars, King Kong... the only special effect that didn't work was Miss Angelina's English accent... ooh, I'm catty...

Monday, June 13, 2005