Monday, August 29, 2005

why don't you enlist? freedom isn't free, you know

gotta tell ya- this footage from truthout of the pro-war folks at crawford last weekend was disturbing- whether it's the woman with the "kick their ass and take their gas" sign (I thought Freedom was on the march in Iraq? We were liberators, weren't we? Aren't I a naive terrorist-lover for even thinking it might be about the... oil )

Nice sign, lady- good for your side!

The 19 yr. old boy that stammers through his answer to "why don't you enlist if you support the war" is just pathetic

"I can better serve by being a student"... look what it did for Cheney (rimshot! thank you...)

I don't care if that kid is only 19. He can go fuck himself.

here are some more answers for today's chickenhawk youth when asked:

"If you support the war, why don't you enlist?"

1. My Mom won't let me.

2. I would, but I just became really gay.

3. I'm saving myself for marriage.

4. I don't want to get killed.

got any more?
check out:

disturbing new trend in the war "debate"? hope not

Found this story in a blog from Iraq, Raed in the Middle- was this in the US press? Hope I've just missed it, not that it hasn't been reported

Man Kills Another in Dispute Over War -- Press Calls It a First

mmm... this story is dated August 6, 2005... did you hear about this before?

never thought that the pro-war crowd might (forgive me) "go postal" when the public starts to realize just how fucked their little neo-con scheme is - we must be very careful

cassandra's brother mistakenly went to a pro-war camp in crawford this weekend before finding camp casey. his impression- the pro-war people were very, very angry.

the pro-peace people were... um... peaceful

we shall overcome someday

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Friday, August 26, 2005

friday night blather fever live!

Um, I bailed on the puppet audition today and I have very mixed feelings about it

the audition just didn't feel right... so I bailed... no harm, no foul, probably... I had a bad feeling about it, so why contort myself into a half-assed performance at the end of a long day for a bunch of producers that really, really wanted to go home

i am impressed with the universe, though. i showed the guy the movie i made, a few days later he offered me the audition

wow. but whoa. let me practice a little more- let me get it second nature a bit... i'm fortunate i was offered a chance to JUMP RIGHT IN TO THE DEEP END OF THE POOL but I think i need to follow the instinct that tells me if it isn't fun, it might not be worth it (puppetry, that is- it was always meant to be a lark, a brush in my actor's toolbox- but the pressure loomed and I bailed...

ironically, I booked a paying puppetry gig today, through a contact. without an audition. without firing a shot.

the gig I got is more my style- I worked on the pilot and they have a cable network deal and they want me to come back, for $$$

so ups and downs and downs and ups

the tao flows

and I have got it more than EASY compared to some people- like our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan... (and the populations of those and MANY OTHER nations on earth)

missing cassandra- catching brief phone calls with her from Crawford

A little concerened about the Freepers and astro-turf war whores that are headed there this weekend to offer up their young on the altar of the great god bush's neo-con theory...

they had peaceful conflict-management training today. she says she is sleeping 2 hours a night. she's the type that is very good at organizing, so I have a feeling she is doing a lot of that...

I hope the fascisct hippie element (like the lazy, lazy bloggers there) doesn't get her down

nothing worse than a leftier-than-thou fascist hippie type- they're bad for the movement, man

tonight I will bachelor it with V at his place, forgetting the recent past and we're having the lady pictured at the top of this post over. her name is Maitreya and we think she might be the second coming... but she's cool about it, you know. I mean, look at her.

UPDATE: V bailed on me (and Maitreya too.) I gotta be honest because I know he doesn't read this blog- this sucks. i was really looking forward to tonight.

UPDATE-UPDATE: Then he called back and his plans changed again and I went over and he fell asleep while I was there. I drew on his face in marker and left is hand in a bowl of warm water. It was Maitreaya's idea.


i took this picture on V's roof at his place in Anchorhead- that's Camie, of course, Fixer, Wormie, and Biggs. Wormie went on to be a Jedi- I shit you not.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


My wife cassandra is in crawford texas with cindy sheehan tonight, where she tells me every day feels like a week

funny, there's a guy there that lives 1 1/2 blocks away from us here in hollywood- i was in a play with him once- he's all over the coverage- if you are following this, you've seen him with joan baez and mrs. sheehan

i don't want to pressure cassandra in any way, but we who are here at home would love to see more bloggery at Patriot Actors

During my bachelorhood I have been working on two looming creative projects:

1) a puppet audition

2) learning a song to sing and play on the geeter at my sister's wedding this labor day weekend ( i think i'll preface my performance with a brief speech about the International Worker and the One Big Union- that will go over GREAT as my sister marries a kind republican {elected, no less!})

meanwhile... i this the beginning of the mainstream peace movement?

My childhood was dominated by the Viet Nam war's aftermath- the mid-to -late 1970's.

I wasn't raised in a political household at ALL- I was raised a firmly middle-class (not poor, not rich) content caucasian suburbanite- my childhoohd was BRADY-ISH... and we all understood that the conventional, a-politcal wisdom was that America would never, ever, let a Viet Nam happen to us again...

But these College Republicans of 1972, these Nixonian Neo-Cons DIDN'T GET THE LESSON because they were the WORST of any political movement- the partisan team-players, the win-to-winners, the DEAD-ENDERS

and, to add disgusting insult to callous, careless, reckless warmongering, they were all chickenhawks

let this be a turning point

if the best reason the President can give for staying the course in Iraq is BECAUSE 1800 Americans have died, then that is simply running the meat grinder because the meat grinder is running...

We are going for WMDs
We are going for Liberation
We are going for Democracy

We are there because we went.

We are there because.

What's the plan?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Greatest Generation Veteran listening to Bush

Bill Moyer, 73, wears a "Bullshit Protector" flap over his ear while President George W. Bush addresses the Veterans of Foreign Wars. (AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

from Democratic Undergound

Creepy painting...

Came across this vision of Hell from Brueghel, The Triumph of Death- it looks very much like a nightmare I had when I was pretty young- a very vivid nightmare that I still can recall bits of...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Cassandra is in Crawford

Just got off the phone with our own Cassandra- she has checked in at the Crawford Peace House, bearing ice cream, and was still getting cell service as she followed the shuttle van to Camp Casey. Hopefully she'll get service there, and perhaps she will be able to blog soon...

Sunday, August 21, 2005

bloggerblocked for so long I don't know what to do with myself

haven't had it in me to comment, reflect, point towards, blog about...

so RP gave me something, this link to Rx's mashup that has Bush doing Imagine and Walk on The Wild Side

(Update: I just checked out Rx's Dick is A Killer- and I suggest you do too! Not for all audiences... get it all at

bike-riding motherf-er.

Hunter Thompson's wishes carried out...

Had this thought about HST this week, not one I'd expect of myself, but is it possible that Gonzo Journalism helped lead Journalism Journalism towards the current sad sorry state of Political Sports Coverage? Could it be?

I still will always love him...

Another Mp3 while it lasts- James Taylor on Howard Stern doing Joni Mitchell's Woodstock.

Those lyrics... never really heard them before now...

We are stardust, we are golden
we are million year old carbon
and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden

or the last time through:

We are stardust, we are golden
we are caught up in the devil's bargain
and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden

Well , Lao Tse tells me I do need to get myself back to the garden (the stardust and the golden part he agrees with, but it's irrelevant, like the million-year-old carbon- it's just true, ok?)

We are caught up in the devil's bargain... that was true then, it's really true now, don't you think? Name your devil.

I took a pass on the Intelligent Design thing, and declined to associate recent Boy Scout tragedies with God's wrath, because they were tragedies... and The Swift-Boating of Cindy Sheehan... is just too much...

Cassandra is going to Crawford this week...