Friday, August 29, 2008

san francisco, san francisco

san francisco, san francisco, you're a muttering bum in a brown beat suit -jack kerouac

we have left los angeles for a trip to the home i left home for back in the 90s (after college in philadelphia)
I left a tiny, tiny piece of my heart here- maybe I didn't, maybe that kind of love is not love but is something else that feeds the bad stuff that you shuffle off when you get to a certain age
but what I do know, other than that everybody knows everything, is that the panhandle smells of eucalyptus and even on a hot day in the Haight the fog will come in a like a chilly comforting blanket
I don't think I left my heart here- I think I found it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

get out of the house, go to the beach, nobody is stopping you

today I tried something new and frightening and undoubtedly good for me and i probably should have done it when I was 18 instead of... ahem... 40... but at least i did it, and I'll do it again next week and that's all I'm going to say

then cassandra and I went to venice to escape our cosy village of hollywood. as of now there is sand in my hair and an unbearable lightness of being in my heart

here are some los angeles pictures from sunday august 24th, 2008

Saturday, August 09, 2008

high art meets my inner geek

kanye west has a nice gallery of the Vader Project at Celebration Japan.