Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the kids

cassandra took these of our ferocious children... you'd better think twice before breaking into our estate here in formosa canyon... these cats will EAT you while you watch...

sure i haven't been blogging much... and you might think I don't have much to say if i'm blogging the cats...

maybe i have too much to say...

um, work is stressful, sometimes in a fun way, a lot in the "night sweats" kind of way.

I should learn to be more of a screw up...

but i can't

i'm too good... and humble, to boot...

i saw X-Men 3 this weekend with a few folks who hated it- from a fanboy's pov- i had nothing invested in it and thought it was adequate. I liked it better than the new king kong (so many lush cg fx... none of them believable! I thought the ship-in-the-fog sequence was the most suspenseful and succesful! the 1977 version had a better big-monkey-on-a-tear through manhattan sequence- the elevated train sequence rocked hard! )

but back to X-3- the dismissal of mystique stank of a) Ms. Romijn costs more per day these days, especially when she's painted blue and b) pepper dennis must have been shooting or something... she was so cool in the first two- what gives?

anyhoo- i don't care! never read an x-men funny book in my life. thought wolverine was a bad guy in the fantastic four

and finally , you can paint him blue and cover him in fake fur from ISW, but kelsey grammer is always going to be frasier friggin' crane...and why not?

and he can cry himself a river on the hawaii estate that talking like a wasp for 20 years bought him...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day


Yes, my son...

How did Memorial Day start?

Freed slaves thanking Union troops for their sacrifice... at the racetrack in Charleston, South Carolina in 1865.

When did it become about a sale at Sit & Sleep?

Where have you been?

I've been doin' stuff...

What are you drinking?

Gin and tonic... want one?

Oy... you have a nice summer, ok?

(More on the origins of Memorial Day here & here)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Polish Star Wars!

In honor of two of my favorite things, Star Wars and KRUKWORLD, here' a Polish Star Wars Fanfilm that's fun and subtitled! Not for kids, though! Lots of foul-mouthed Poles in it!

Enjoy, Jimmy! You'll get the ambulance joke and maybe explain it to the rest of us?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Plame was working on WMD in Iran... the commie traitor!

Not that this will register with the hopeless wingnuts in your life- those that spin the spin until their encephalitic head just pops off... but Valerie Plame was no pencil-pusher at the CIA when NovakRove leaked her identity- turns out she was tracking down the nuclear goods on one of the Axis of Evil! Remember Evil? Remember when Bush wouldn't shut up about EVIL?

From crooks and liars and raw story

But the Greatest American , Mr. Goodwrench ads notwithstanding, is Stephen Colbert, for rubbing W's nose into the messy diaper that is his Adminstration's record...

So, Thank You Stephen Colbert