Saturday, December 30, 2006

christmas vacation is almost over

friday christmas vacation week- went to the hollywood reservoir for the first time - it's still mostly closed and NO PICTURES but I stood on the Mullholland Dam- was it really a week ago tonight that we saw mullholland christmas...

Venice Beach CA Thursday December 28 2006

made this with the digital camera and imovie- we took uncle s out for some fresh air and he did very well- i don't know why i lost the sound but i put a song on it- it was a very nice day

look! it's the outside!

the brick house was good but who gives a two year old a HARMONICA in a restaurant- i had an omelet caled The Pope it was divine

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

robot bug i got for christmas from my sister

my first you tube video- it's that kind of week...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lilly Kruk

i know someone spending her first christmas away in australia- here's a little christmas video from our american friend in poland


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dale Clark!

We had a great houseguest last night in Formosa Canyon...

Dale Clark!

Cassandra met him at Camp Casey last August and now he wants to move in with us.

Fine with me.

I introduced him to my artist friend Jimmy, and he told him point blank:

"There is no cure."


Now watch this:

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Delaware Day 2006

It's not quite the same... Delaware Day in California... sure, I know that in the back of the mind of every Angeleno I saw today there was the wistful fantasy of spending this very special day of days in The First State, and maybe I just imagined a faint scent of Delaware in the air, like roasted chestnuts in a wintry Manhattan...

But it's nothing like the real thing.

All across the three counties today groggy children awoke, then with a start they remembered what day it was and reached eagerly under their pillows... for that which was left there the night before by the gracious Spirit of a facially-disfigured Patriot of Yesteryear... for the document tucked gently under their sleeping heads the night before by that Beneficent Wraith Caesar Rodney, former President of Delaware...

And just what was that souvenier he left behind? Was it scripture? A limerick? Ribald memoirs from his own boyhood spent at Byfield, his family's farm on St. Jones Neck?

No... you know what it was... say it with me, children...

The Constitution of the United States of America

Ratified on this day in 1787 by The Great State of Delaware.

Ratified first on this day in 1787 by The Great State of Delaware.

So tonight in Southern California we'll be singing the carols, eating the traditional meal of crab puffs, peaches, blue hens, weakfish and washing it down with carefully preserved bottles of Schlitz, but we'll be wishing we were high atop the Ebright Azimuth, wishing on a star in the Delaware sky...

I'll lay out the carrots and sugar for his horse, the Whiskey and Vicodin for him ... and sleep with one eye open.

Happy Delaware Day!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

water, water everywhere today

well maybe not everywhere, but apparently on MARS, which is cool...

but it is also flowing up in the Owens Valley North of LA, maybe now they'll stop dynamiting our aqueduct! Check it out here.

seriously, the California Water Wars added an interesting chapter today- and if you are in LA may I STRONGLY suggest you check out the excellent EXCELLENT A Mullholland Christmas Carol by Theatre of NOTE and Sacred Fools. It's funny, peppy, and yes, moving... and gives you pause when you turn on the tap here in Los Angeles...

Oh, and the Iraq Study Group report came out today and tonight Bush is kinda sorta thinking about a policy change in Iraq?

2919 Americans killed in Iraq simply because of the hubris and arrogance and ignorance of one out-of-touch spoiled rich kid.

I wish that was why his Old Man blubbered yesterday... but that's not the Bush way.

God Damn that family.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

today i took a walk in the california sunshine

many a sunday i have found myself staying in all day just enjoying my nice little apartment i share with my wife and the cats- and i wonder "what am i missing out there? am i becoming agoraphobic? MAYBE I SHOULD JUST TAKE A LITTLE WALK!"

so i took a walk in the california sunshine

Saturday, December 02, 2006

so this is christmas

the three santa heads here are classics- i'm sure you've had an ornament or toy made from the same design, sculpt, mold

some of my earliest christmas memories center on pieces of plastic- some handed-down piece of the commercialized yule that is so nothing new it's really ridiculous to criticize it- nobody alive experienced a currier and ives christmas- the ol timey christmases i idealized in my memory probably came from the little house on a prairie christmas special or some other tv show

i like to incorporate the tacky into the holiday -it's all we've ever known, so why resist it? what else is there?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ah, Christmas in America!

RANDI PIERCE/Special to the DURANGO Herald

Bill Trimarco and Lisa Jensen stand next to their peace wreath at their home near Pagosa Springs on Friday. The couple received a letter Tuesday from their subdivision’s homeowners’ association telling them to take down the sign or face a fine of $25 per day.

This is just terrific... we've got one in our window year round- it gets colored lights this time of year. well, that's because i live in the moral cesspool that is Hollywood... which is a real moral cesspool in so many ways, don't get me wrong... but we know that PEACE and JESUS and CHRISTMAS all sort of go together and there ain't no buts about it... you know it's true...

thanksgiving saturday