Thursday, December 07, 2006

Delaware Day 2006

It's not quite the same... Delaware Day in California... sure, I know that in the back of the mind of every Angeleno I saw today there was the wistful fantasy of spending this very special day of days in The First State, and maybe I just imagined a faint scent of Delaware in the air, like roasted chestnuts in a wintry Manhattan...

But it's nothing like the real thing.

All across the three counties today groggy children awoke, then with a start they remembered what day it was and reached eagerly under their pillows... for that which was left there the night before by the gracious Spirit of a facially-disfigured Patriot of Yesteryear... for the document tucked gently under their sleeping heads the night before by that Beneficent Wraith Caesar Rodney, former President of Delaware...

And just what was that souvenier he left behind? Was it scripture? A limerick? Ribald memoirs from his own boyhood spent at Byfield, his family's farm on St. Jones Neck?

No... you know what it was... say it with me, children...

The Constitution of the United States of America

Ratified on this day in 1787 by The Great State of Delaware.

Ratified first on this day in 1787 by The Great State of Delaware.

So tonight in Southern California we'll be singing the carols, eating the traditional meal of crab puffs, peaches, blue hens, weakfish and washing it down with carefully preserved bottles of Schlitz, but we'll be wishing we were high atop the Ebright Azimuth, wishing on a star in the Delaware sky...

I'll lay out the carrots and sugar for his horse, the Whiskey and Vicodin for him ... and sleep with one eye open.

Happy Delaware Day!

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Robotna said...

Happy Delaware Day!
I stayed up all night but I didn't see C. Rodney - I guess it wasn't rainy enough for him. Or maybe it's that ate all the baby carrots last night. Sorry horsie!

On a related topic, speaking of forefathers, though, I *have* been listening to a biography of Benjamin Franklin.