Wednesday, December 06, 2006

water, water everywhere today

well maybe not everywhere, but apparently on MARS, which is cool...

but it is also flowing up in the Owens Valley North of LA, maybe now they'll stop dynamiting our aqueduct! Check it out here.

seriously, the California Water Wars added an interesting chapter today- and if you are in LA may I STRONGLY suggest you check out the excellent EXCELLENT A Mullholland Christmas Carol by Theatre of NOTE and Sacred Fools. It's funny, peppy, and yes, moving... and gives you pause when you turn on the tap here in Los Angeles...

Oh, and the Iraq Study Group report came out today and tonight Bush is kinda sorta thinking about a policy change in Iraq?

2919 Americans killed in Iraq simply because of the hubris and arrogance and ignorance of one out-of-touch spoiled rich kid.

I wish that was why his Old Man blubbered yesterday... but that's not the Bush way.

God Damn that family.

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