Monday, August 29, 2005

why don't you enlist? freedom isn't free, you know

gotta tell ya- this footage from truthout of the pro-war folks at crawford last weekend was disturbing- whether it's the woman with the "kick their ass and take their gas" sign (I thought Freedom was on the march in Iraq? We were liberators, weren't we? Aren't I a naive terrorist-lover for even thinking it might be about the... oil )

Nice sign, lady- good for your side!

The 19 yr. old boy that stammers through his answer to "why don't you enlist if you support the war" is just pathetic

"I can better serve by being a student"... look what it did for Cheney (rimshot! thank you...)

I don't care if that kid is only 19. He can go fuck himself.

here are some more answers for today's chickenhawk youth when asked:

"If you support the war, why don't you enlist?"

1. My Mom won't let me.

2. I would, but I just became really gay.

3. I'm saving myself for marriage.

4. I don't want to get killed.

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