Thursday, August 25, 2005


My wife cassandra is in crawford texas with cindy sheehan tonight, where she tells me every day feels like a week

funny, there's a guy there that lives 1 1/2 blocks away from us here in hollywood- i was in a play with him once- he's all over the coverage- if you are following this, you've seen him with joan baez and mrs. sheehan

i don't want to pressure cassandra in any way, but we who are here at home would love to see more bloggery at Patriot Actors

During my bachelorhood I have been working on two looming creative projects:

1) a puppet audition

2) learning a song to sing and play on the geeter at my sister's wedding this labor day weekend ( i think i'll preface my performance with a brief speech about the International Worker and the One Big Union- that will go over GREAT as my sister marries a kind republican {elected, no less!})

meanwhile... i this the beginning of the mainstream peace movement?

My childhood was dominated by the Viet Nam war's aftermath- the mid-to -late 1970's.

I wasn't raised in a political household at ALL- I was raised a firmly middle-class (not poor, not rich) content caucasian suburbanite- my childhoohd was BRADY-ISH... and we all understood that the conventional, a-politcal wisdom was that America would never, ever, let a Viet Nam happen to us again...

But these College Republicans of 1972, these Nixonian Neo-Cons DIDN'T GET THE LESSON because they were the WORST of any political movement- the partisan team-players, the win-to-winners, the DEAD-ENDERS

and, to add disgusting insult to callous, careless, reckless warmongering, they were all chickenhawks

let this be a turning point

if the best reason the President can give for staying the course in Iraq is BECAUSE 1800 Americans have died, then that is simply running the meat grinder because the meat grinder is running...

We are going for WMDs
We are going for Liberation
We are going for Democracy

We are there because we went.

We are there because.

What's the plan?

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