Friday, August 26, 2005

friday night blather fever live!

Um, I bailed on the puppet audition today and I have very mixed feelings about it

the audition just didn't feel right... so I bailed... no harm, no foul, probably... I had a bad feeling about it, so why contort myself into a half-assed performance at the end of a long day for a bunch of producers that really, really wanted to go home

i am impressed with the universe, though. i showed the guy the movie i made, a few days later he offered me the audition

wow. but whoa. let me practice a little more- let me get it second nature a bit... i'm fortunate i was offered a chance to JUMP RIGHT IN TO THE DEEP END OF THE POOL but I think i need to follow the instinct that tells me if it isn't fun, it might not be worth it (puppetry, that is- it was always meant to be a lark, a brush in my actor's toolbox- but the pressure loomed and I bailed...

ironically, I booked a paying puppetry gig today, through a contact. without an audition. without firing a shot.

the gig I got is more my style- I worked on the pilot and they have a cable network deal and they want me to come back, for $$$

so ups and downs and downs and ups

the tao flows

and I have got it more than EASY compared to some people- like our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan... (and the populations of those and MANY OTHER nations on earth)

missing cassandra- catching brief phone calls with her from Crawford

A little concerened about the Freepers and astro-turf war whores that are headed there this weekend to offer up their young on the altar of the great god bush's neo-con theory...

they had peaceful conflict-management training today. she says she is sleeping 2 hours a night. she's the type that is very good at organizing, so I have a feeling she is doing a lot of that...

I hope the fascisct hippie element (like the lazy, lazy bloggers there) doesn't get her down

nothing worse than a leftier-than-thou fascist hippie type- they're bad for the movement, man

tonight I will bachelor it with V at his place, forgetting the recent past and we're having the lady pictured at the top of this post over. her name is Maitreya and we think she might be the second coming... but she's cool about it, you know. I mean, look at her.

UPDATE: V bailed on me (and Maitreya too.) I gotta be honest because I know he doesn't read this blog- this sucks. i was really looking forward to tonight.

UPDATE-UPDATE: Then he called back and his plans changed again and I went over and he fell asleep while I was there. I drew on his face in marker and left is hand in a bowl of warm water. It was Maitreaya's idea.


i took this picture on V's roof at his place in Anchorhead- that's Camie, of course, Fixer, Wormie, and Biggs. Wormie went on to be a Jedi- I shit you not.

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