Monday, August 29, 2005

disturbing new trend in the war "debate"? hope not

Found this story in a blog from Iraq, Raed in the Middle- was this in the US press? Hope I've just missed it, not that it hasn't been reported

Man Kills Another in Dispute Over War -- Press Calls It a First

mmm... this story is dated August 6, 2005... did you hear about this before?

never thought that the pro-war crowd might (forgive me) "go postal" when the public starts to realize just how fucked their little neo-con scheme is - we must be very careful

cassandra's brother mistakenly went to a pro-war camp in crawford this weekend before finding camp casey. his impression- the pro-war people were very, very angry.

the pro-peace people were... um... peaceful

we shall overcome someday

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