Wednesday, June 22, 2005


In celebration of my American Freedom that so many are fighting to protect (well, that's their noble intention, so I appreciate their sacrifice more than I can say) I think I'll burn an American Flag!

Seriously- is the Senate going to let this happen? Of course they are! It's been the Right Wing Nutjob Dream for so long!

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My God- what are we becoming? A nation of childish jingoists... blind... incapable of understanding the ramifications of our actions...

The Republican States of America.

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Face flushed from another day with a toxic coworker, I can only muster enough energy to link to this site that handles the whole flag burning "issue" quite well, with information about the official flag rules and ettiquette and all this:

"The only "respectable" way to dispose of a worn or soiled flag is to give it a ceremonial and dignified retirement, preferably by burning it. Ironically, the American Legion and Boy Scouts burn thousands of flags every year in respectful retirement ceremonies. The only difference between their actions, and the actions of a long-haired hippie protestor are the thoughts in the minds of the two. Do you want to live in a country that arrests people for "anti-American thoughts?" I sure don't. "

You know it still really bothers me when someone hangs an American Flag short-side up, but the wrong way- with the field of blue on the right instead of where it belongs, on the left. And I believe that flag burning is a protected right of free speech and should remain so! But if you hang it wrong, or make it into a necktie, or a pair of hot pants, then I am a bit offended!

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By the way, when was the last time you saw an American flag being burned? Not on TV- with your own two eyes... in the streets...honestly?

My guess is the answer is never.

Must we monkey with the Constitution to appeal to our childish natures? Our Big Daddy/Big Brother/Big Government lazy selves?

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Of course, Cassandra says we could always pass a law that says that American flags must be made of non-flammable material, but that's too clever...and it involves science... and Baby Jesus(tm) doesn't like science...

Hey- don't burn that flag! My All-American Baby hasn't taken a shit in it yet!

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