Thursday, June 16, 2005

Must... sense...keep ... war... going...

Lt. Gen. Conway

"If you look at it from the insurgents' perspective, they know our history, just as we study them," General Conway said. "And they see where we have withdrawn previously, in Vietnam, in Beirut, in Somalia, and nothing would make them happier, I suppose, than to think that there is a deadline out there."

I posted this because I saw a clip of this press briefing on the Newshour on PBS, and it gave a me a chill... to hear Lieutenant General Conway bring up what some consider "failures" of American military resolve reminded me that there are those, not on the front lines of the "terror war", that will never give an inch- they are Nixonians and Kissingerites that were Young Republicans and are still convinced that we should have dropped the Big One on the North Vietnamese... they're still stinging at Nixon's downfall (hence the revisionist history surrounding the recent outing of Deep Throat).

Mr. Di Rita said he believes, in the long-term, the American public will look back on the U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as missions that were worth the loss of American lives.

Man, I hope so.

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