Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lookout, Quincy!

I want to make a cynical prediction:

Some right-wing Jesus freak fascist is going to go after Dr. Jon Thogmartin, the Florida medical examiner that confirmed that Terri Shiavo was never going to get better.

I did a google search on Thogmartin and found that he was the M.E. that performed the autopsy on the son of a noted Scient*logist- the son who drowned trying to cleanse himself of cocaine addiction by swimming in the ocean(?) If you read the report, you see that Dad is a proponent of the Scient*ology's Narconon- the bogus mumbo-jumbo drug "treatment" program that the Thetans use... interestingly, the decedent had not spoken to his Scient*ologist parents for some time, and both parents last meetings with their boy ended in arguments. tragic, of course, but compounded by their adherence to L. Ron Blubbard's BULLSHIT.

(Why the "*"? Because those space people, like Republicans, make powerful, chidish, and vindictive enemies. Look out, Quincy! )

Sherri ought to have something nasty soon: here

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