Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Banana Republicans

I was wondering this morning if this country really is sliding into Banana Republic-hood. I'm afraid this move might be permanent.

Attention right wing nuts: your media lies to you constantly. Truth is good for you and our country. The media you think is "liberal" looks right wing to us liberals. The media you think is fair and balanced is right-wing propaganda. Your disregard for truth is shameful. Soldiers are dying because you are too lazy to seek truth- you prefer pabulum, jingoisitic candy. You like it all dumbed down and hooray for our side right or wrong. And you believe the crap that they say about liberals.

You deserve the country you get, you lazy, dumb fucks.

Hey looky- here's another Bush shill exposed as a "reporter". Do you even give a fuck that our country and our press used to be better than this?

jeff gannon, fascist toad Posted by Hello

Who is this pervert Jeff Gannon anyway, lobbing softball partisan questions at your President Gump?

is this talon's jeff gannon, scott mclellan's pal? Posted by Hello

Of course, it has been worse in some respects, like the days of the Palmer Raids and all that- I'm just afraid the glorious country of my youth, a country I likened to Atticus Finch more than Uncle Sam, has morphed into a fat, dumb Lush Rimjob- for good.

Until somebody nukes us into dust.

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