Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What might have been

This today from a blog about maps:

Lawrence’s Map of Arabia
Seems T.E. Lawrence recommended that the Allied Powers cut up the Middle East differently than they did. He suggested seperate areas for the Kurds and the Arabs... but they didn't listen.
I guess the West really blew the one honest chance it had to give... or impose... or implant democracy in the Middle East when the Ottoman Empire fell at the end of WWI.
But they didn't listen. May because he was a little fruity-patootie.
I played him once. No wonder Cassandra thought I was a gaymosexual when we first met. But then she learned that I'm not gay.
I'm a geek.
Lucky girl.
I haven't blogged in a loooooong time. And nobody noticed.
Reminds me of the time I was working at an AM radio station, doing a Sunday shift from 2pm to sign off (like 11pm... usually no later) and I had a problem with the transponder and the xponder(?) and running from the engineering room back into the booth before the 30-second Kiwanis Club PSA for the Dog Dip ran out while I was supposed to be broadcasting the feed for the Colts game out of Baltimore (that's how old I am) so I ended up with dead air for about 30 panicked minutes...
And nobody called to complain... nobody cared.
I felt a strange relief.
Every Sunday there was one sweet retarded man who would call and ask how the Eagles did- even if it wasn't football season.
I always told him they won.

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deni said...

I told him they won.

what a sweet man :)

somebody listens, sometimes.