Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving from Crawford, TX

Yesterday in Crawford at the site of Camp Casey I:

Jesse gets cuffed

Helped Ann Wright, Daniel Ellsberg, Dede Miller, and others get arrested yesterday to test the legality of this county's new anti-camping ordinance

The police were very, very professional, very mellow (it may not look like it, but they really were. Just doing their job and being cool about it. They probably don't want to spend next August enforcing this dumb ordinance.)

expecting many more people this weekend -Cindy Sheehan arrives tonight, so the media will get bigger- but there are other Gold Star parents here already and they deserve the same respect and admiration that Cindy does.

We need to support our troops and their families and get this situation in Iraq rectified.

Peace- Happy Thanksgiving!

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