Sunday, February 05, 2006

Quaker Jedi

I think that's what I would aspire to be. A cross between this guy:

And this guy:

So I googled the phrase "Quaker Jedi"

and that's where I found this, here:

i do not believe in anything that is impossible and unlogical.

Now that means ALL religions. ALL!!!!!

All religious people are brain-washed and must be re-educated.

I am now starting a cult... i call it Grounding Of Dietys (GOD)

I will gather all the religion bashers in one place and then we shall all shout to the skys:-

"Oh great lord and ruthless creator.... smite us now or you shall have to go on knowing you didn't stop us"

well if we are still alive i will start a revolution. and trust me you dont wanna be there.

but i am only 13 and this is years off.

Well, whew!

I like the Quakers more and more, especially when I found out they were being spied on- oh, and after that last season of Six Feet Under. And of course, after meeting a Sufi Quaker at the Crawford Peace House

Check 'em out:

wikipedia page page

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