Sunday, March 26, 2006


what, are you only going to blog on the weekends?

maybe- what's the big deal

you're not very bloggy

what's that supposed to mean?

you don't share your every thought, opinion, flight of fancy of everyday

you're right, i don't - is there some kind of rule

yes. the bloggy rule

rules. that's why I stopped aspiring to be some kind of punk rocker when I was a lad... when I moved to the big city it seemed like the punks and such had rules... yawn


but nothin- don't tell me how to blog and I won't tell you how to breathe, ok? so what if I only get to it on the weekends. i take nice pictures, like this one of the garage i really need to clean- peer into my secret world, my lair, my workshop, my headquarters- if you dare:

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