Saturday, July 15, 2006

is it august or july or what?

yeah, that's how busy I am... I keep hearing about parties that happened and people are in town after they've left because I am:

busy all day and night

work is just a big deal grind and freak out all the time (i'm doing fine, really, but everyday is just a cluster F until this saturday when this thing shoots) but if i'm not at work i'm puppeteering in a class or rehearsal and it's nuts

good nuts

dear reader, I wish I had more to tell you ... here's a picture:

the foot of my father

my sister moved to australia for three years

ww3 broke out

cassandra blogged and it is heartbreaking, especially if you love her like i do

i'm listening to Neil's Living With War and that's what it's all about

there is a war on- my country, my country... what are you doing...

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anathea said...

I found your site searching for my favorite old Jack Kerouac quote from the Dharma Bums. Neil's new effort is excellent and I just can't take it out of my player! I look forward to further reading, thanks!