Thursday, August 17, 2006

turn that picture

i am so sorry i left that picture crooked on my blog for so long... i just was too lazy... and i know you came here and not only were dissappointed that I hadn't blogged, but you were also irritated that i hadn't bothered to fix that crooked picture

you did come here, didn't you?

i've been little johnny hollywood lately- in one week i worked on an ABC show as an actor, then on a Comedy Central show as a special effects producer... and i puppeteered a play on the weekends

(any of you seeking the superman behind the dutchman's clark kent ought to have enough clues by now... )

my wife is out of town, and I've been having a torrid affair with ...

Firefly, the tv series.

A puppeteer loaned me the dvds of the series...

i have watched all of them but the last, and I picked up Serenity at the 20/20 on my way home down filthy, tawdry, stained and sunny Sunset Blvd.

i am already grieving the fact that for late old me, i have only three hours of Firelfy left to experience for the first time

this f-ing show is everything I've wanted in a tv show- it's the tv show i would make if i was the kind of guy who had the gumption and position to say "i make tv shows I would want to watch" and then made them...

it always... always bothered me that for a freighter, the millenium falcon seems to have an impressive lack of actual cargo space.

the serenity makes sense- part of it is a WARHEOUSE... and the doors to the crew quarters are cool... the cockpit seems kind of roomy and weird to me... is Wash sitting to one side , in the back of a larger cockpit "room"... ?

but there's the acting, the actors, and the writing... even though the specific 1800s designs make you wonder why cultural elements that are arcane to us would somehow experience such a specific revival some 500 years in the future... the way they pull it off is so much better than the multiple... multiple episodes of star trek(s) and other sci-fi shows that seems to jump the shark with an obligitory wild west episode

the show was executed with such a great spirit of FUN that it's infectious...

i'm a little sad that it's almost over for me...

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