Tuesday, September 05, 2006

camp casey august 2006 photos

cassandra and I are back from crawford texas, recovering

a lot of good was done- Mark Wilkerson was supported by IVAW as he returned to duty at Fort Hood after 19 months AWOL...

people from Camp Casey handed out information on the GI Rights Hotline outside of Fort Hood, and Camp Casey hosted 2 screenings of the excellent documentary Sir, No Sir! in Killeen for active duty service men and women...

cindy sheehan spent most of the time recuperating, but came to camp from time to time

that's ava of www.peacetakescourage.com doing a little freewayblogging

rebekah, midge and elliot (of veterans for peace) at the picnic at Camp Casey II

giant ghandi didn't eat much- he was looking for volunteers: ghandi peace brigade

carolyn wonderland completely and utterly rocks

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teh l4m3 said...

Awesome pictures. Good job!