Thursday, October 26, 2006


you know, cut and pasting crap from BoingBoing isn't really blogging...

aw, leave me alone... how can I resist the Big Mac pumpkin? I just wanted to share it with whomsoever might be dropping by

oh, your fans?

who let you in here?

i'm always here you're not

look, i'm busy, and there so much crap going on i just don't have the juice to bloviate about it all here- like bush's creepy confidence about the mid-terms- i'm expecting him to just blow it any day now and say:

" look, I know we're going to win because the electronic voting machines in key districts are preprogrammed to deliver a republican win. so i know we're going to win. next question- stretch- is that your good suit?"

"mr. president, did you just say that the elections are rigged to guarantee a republican win?

"i'm not going to engage in this kind spec-u-lay-tive rhetor-tortical exercising..."

something like that... naw, I can't ... not right now... i'll just share some boing boing


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raymi lauren said...

i was going to post this but i was afeared people would start to worry about my ongoing hamburger romance. feh.