Thursday, November 29, 2007

that's right, canada

i've been trying to blog from my hotel and egad my internet connection does not like the uploading... especially photos

that's why my previous canada entry only had one photo of the bloody mary i started my journey with a LAX


i'm in vancouver for the first time working on a pilot

i haven't been to the great white since i day tripped to Gananoque way back in the early 90's

i like canada

so far the production has been great to us, the weather wet and bone-chilling but not all that bad

and what's with all the attractive young canadians?

they were strong-arming an angry drunk homeless guy out of the hotel last night when we came back from Rodney's Oyster House- dude looked me right in the eye and  I think he was about to take a swing at me- but hey, that's city life, eh?

last night my colleague looked at me and said "you're thinking of moving here, aren't you?"

i thought, jeepers, yeah- nice people, nice looking city, no annoying fascist swing and burden of imperialistic hegemony...  hollywood north is looking pretty awesome

and i feel like i'm walking around frakking Caprica all the time...

if the republicans steal the next presidential election too, then i just may be heading north for good...

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