Sunday, March 06, 2005

If it's Sunday, it must be time to bitch about religious nuts

Oh, to have been able to attend the National Religious Broadcasters conference.

We watch alot of TBN- it's funny, but it's also an exercise in genuine inquiry- I would love to hear something on religious television that actually seems to be ... religious. But it all sounds alot like the other crap that's on late-night broadcast TV. You can barely tell the difference between Praise The Lord and the other ponzi-scheme get-rich-quick infomercials out there. And in the case of The Ramp, I thought I was watching a Girls Gone Wild ad one night. The young woman "testifying" appeared to be masturbating. Onanism! On the tee vee!

This morning we were listening to Background Briefing with Ian Masters on KPFK. We were treated to Max Blumenthal's report from the NRB conference. Read his article Air Jesus here at

Bus 19 on display.

Bus 19 was at the NRB conference. It's a sad, creepy tool used by the Rapture Right EndTimers to drum up sympathy for Israel (which we have in abundance- we have it for Palestinians, too , though, so I guess our goose is cooked come the Rapture.)

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