Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Thomas Paine's Apartment

We're still sorting through the pictures we took on our trip to New York. We love American history, so we made a point of stopping by the final home of LIBERAL Founding Father Thomas Paine at 59 Grove Street in the Village.

The place is now a gay bar called Marie's Crisis Cafe- I don't know who Marie was, but the "Crisis" comes from Paine's The Crisis Papers . Turns out the building itself isn't original- it burned down once, but there are remnants of the original structure inside.

You'll notice the gay rights flag in the upper window next door- what you can't make out is the anti-Bush sign... viva la revolucion!

I Believe in One God And No More Posted by Hello

"The World Is My Country
All Mankind Are My Brethern
To Do Good Is My Religion
I Believe In One God And No More"


"Thomas Paine
Born 1737
Died 1809
On This Spot"

One of the guide books stated that Paine was shunned for being an atheist at the end of his life, but he was actually a deist. I'll have to read up on deism. Won't you join me, here?

How American- one of our FOUNDING FRIGGIN' FATHERS was shunned for not worshipping Jesus.

Here are some links:

The Works of Thomas Paine hosted by the Thomas Paine National Historical Association

The liberal website that bears his name, TomPaine.com

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