Thursday, September 08, 2005

thank god, a rational conservative

found this at liberal oasis, and who wouldn't want a liberal oasis in this sea of repugs who are so aghast at the blame game that they've outblamed the blame-gamers though they RUN ALL ASPECTS OF OUR GOVERNMENT

era of responsibility? bullshit. murderous bullshit.

this conservative from the region knows the smell of manure when he smells it (link here):

"In recent days, defenders of the Bush administration have been trying to shift blame to Democrats like Governor Kathleen Blanco, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard. But, in the view of this conservative Republican, all three of these individuals have acted admirably and have been working literally 24 hours a day since well before the hurricane hit. Since I live in the metropolitan New Orleans area, I watched television coverage during the crucial days before Hurricane Katrina arrived on the coast. I saw the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana plead with local residents to evacuate. They held news conferences, went on numerous TV shows, visited churches and community groups to implore people to evacuate. They ordered State Police to implement a traffic contra-flow that allowed evacuees to travel in all lanes of the Interstate to leave the area. When the storm hit, these local leaders stayed in the area to manage the response, working around the clock to help facilitate recovery. According to Louisiana State Representative Steve Scalise, Jefferson Parish officials have been “doing a great job of getting things back in order…everyone is working hard and they are making remarkable progress.” In contrast, President Bush remained on vacation for two days after the storm hit the coast and FEMA waited precious days to deliver crucial aid, undoubtedly contributing to needless deaths among the poor and feeble of New Orleans. It took way too long, it was a disgrace."

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