Thursday, April 20, 2006

Camp Casey Easter

Easter Service with Rev. Joseph Lowery at Camp Casey, Crawford, TX.
You can catch some of him onstage at Camp Casey with IVAW member Geoff Mallard and Charlie Anderson, here courtesy of

Dr. Joseph Lowery: The Soul of America
A Film by Scott Galindez

Dr. Joseph Lowery co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Lowery is concerned about the "Soul of America." He told those gathered at Camp Casey that they were the "Salt of the Earth" and they would be the ones to redeem America.

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The number changed by ten on Saturday

This is is the sign Geoff and Charlie showed to the war supporters that rode by on horseback- the same group that said to Gold Star father Juan Torres: "F*ck your son, f*ck you!"

Supporting the Troops indeed.

The Stations of the Cross started in Crawford and processed past the Bush ranch and on to Camp II, led by Johnny Wolff of the Crawford Peace House.

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