Sunday, November 14, 2004

Mid-November, 2004, Los Angeles, pre-apocalypse

(the guy in this cartoon looks a lot like me- me sizing up forklifts- choosing my WEAPON)

friday- the truck from canada full of some of America's Most Beloved Family Entertainment Characters was supposed to arrive in Burbank at 10:30 am. At @ 11:00 my migraine forced me to take a snooze on some padding in the storage room... I was sleeping when my forklift operator showed up- still no truck so he had to go... around 3 p.m i said fuggit... how HARD CAN IT BE. So I hopped on that g-d forklift, wiggled the buttons, yanked the levers, twisted a knob or three and wham-bam... I'm an experienced forklift driver, Ma. Another one of those things that people make out to be really really difficult, but it's like driving a power mower- probably easier, actually... I instantly wanted to start lifting stuff.. the dumpster? the shop truck? easy, chief...

I still don't know what the THIRD PEDAL is for... since the thing only has two gears: FWD and RVSE... I did learn that if you are joyriding down in the cul-de-sac, and you mistake the gear shift for the turn signal, and in doing so, you throw the mofo in reverse WHILE DRIVING, well, it ain't no big deal...

so I may be a Hollywood Elitist working in the reviled Entertainment Industry, but I can drive a forklift. Sure, I banged my head getting in it towards the end, but I was drunk with power.

Well, the truck arrived at 6pm... offloaded by 8:00, thanks to P and R and the 2 guys from the truck.. and thanks to the fork lift.

What a nice weekend so far... we brought a gaggle of people to Largo last night to see the trucker, and they were impressed. spreading the gospel. as it twere... I believe I had 4 Bass Ales and one Jack Daniels shot, and was dismayed by the weakness of my 37 year old bladder. I seem to recall it being stronger than that, but so what... I had a good time...and we went to Canter's afterwards, a place everyone should visit at least once in their life, if not more often than that...

Oh, and Cheney had a little shortness of breath yesterday. God's Pee, Dick.

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