Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Tapping the NEXT BLOG button...

Tapping the "next blog" button... you never know what you'll find. Sometimes a whole series of blogs written in the same language- some kind of Esperanto. Or a teenage girl's blog from Malaysia - one of those blogs that "rains" pink hearts and messes up my browser.

Via the magic Next Blog button, I just came across Small Precautions and enjoyed his blog about American Populism.

From there I found the link for Fuck the South. Not politically correct- but I'm an "elitist"- I can't help myself.

In the New Republican Era, it will be fun to be the politically incorrect ones for awhile.

(the wife thinks I look like a "terrorist" in this photo. I think I have nice eyes. And ladies, those lashes are real...)

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