Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's Delaware Day Eve!

Has it really been a year?

I am getting so excited- there is an electricity in the air, a longing for the Diamond State on this most special of nights. Here in Hollywood I pine for the rural simplicity of the lazy chemical plants of the DuPont Company, the marsh cows that moo at the interstate commerce hustling by on I-95 near the Christiana Mall, and the tax-free outlet shopping...

Tonight throughout the three counties, children will be "sleeping" with one eye open, hoping to gaze upon the cancerous visage of the patriot Caesar Rodney has he sneaks a handy copy of the Declaration of Independence under their pillow.

From the Bottle and Cork to the Rusty Rudder, from Lane Hall to the Field House, from Middletown to Hockessin, Carousel Riding Stables to the Heritage/Skyline Swim Club, all the children are singing songs of The First State tonight...

Remember, Caesar's horse likes sugar cubes and carrots, while Caesar likes Scotch Whiskey and any painkillers your parents might have in the medicine cabinet. Because he is an 18th Century man with face cancer.

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Boohammer :-) said...

Happy Delaware Day, and God Bless Us, Everyone!!