Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Delaware (from NASA)

I could barely sleep last night, Delaware Day Eve, listening for the sound of the Ghost of Caesar Rodney and his pony on my roof...

From the dizzying heights of Mt. Cuba to the shores of Slaughter Beach, all the children are singing songs of the First State today- DELAWARE DAY!

In 1933 Governor C. Douglass Buck proclaimed this day henceforth as "Delaware Day", in commemoration of the state's adoption of the US Federal Constitution in 1787.

In 1941 the Empire of Japan tried to besmirch Delaware Day forever by attacking Pearl Harbor. The jerks.

Official State of Delaware website here.


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Here's an article on the glorious event.


Someone asked me what the Ghost of Caesar Rodney leaves for the children on Delaware Day Eve.

Copies of the United States Constitution, of course.