Friday, December 10, 2004

Friday we shopped

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Took a vacation day today and for once got an early start on Christmas gifts for nephews, etc. So what if we started late. After picking up useful stuff for the first two nephews on Sunset Blvd. we said screw it, let's just go to El Compadre, the best Mexican restaurant in the Guitar Ghetto or whatever people call that part of Sunset.

I love that they just whacked the "T" off the old Texaco and voila! New gas station! Exaco! They even created new signage to make sure you don't get confused. Nope- it's Exaco alright. Down the street from the Alph's, the Ubway, Arbucks, and Urger King.

This place is a mystery- it's usually closed. But there was a guy there, dressed as a mechanic, working on two cars.

Sunset Blvd. 12-10-04 Near the "there" as in "There is no there there."

So when we get home, there's a firetruck in front of the landlady's. We were sure she was dead.
Turns out they LAFD were practicing. And they didn't let anybody know they were going to practice. So they came very close to killing my octagerian (at least) landlady. I'm glad they're practicing, but jeez... they could call... could schedule... they could ASK for the love of Mike.

Don't break anything . That's what they landlady told us to tell them.

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