Sunday, January 09, 2005

Bill O'Reilly's Dream Vacation

As some of you in the reality-based community might already know, The Al Franken Show on our beloved Air America Radio is soliciting impersonations of Bill O'Reilly reading from the deposition in his settled-out-of-court, He Said-She Recorded sexual harrassment case.

I don't do a Bill O'Reilly impersonation (at least I haven't tried to). But Z thought I should do some of her faves reading about the shower and the falafel and all that...


Audio not safe for work or children- thanks to the filthy, filthy , filthy mind of one of America's leading Conservative personalities.

You can listen to our submission here. Z did a great job producing and directing and editing and mixing and all that. And the talent isn't half bad.

Read along with W., Rush , and William Jefferson here on The Smoking Gun.

(falafel... what a jack ass...)


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