Tuesday, January 18, 2005

First Words Out of Her Mouth

Baring her gapped teeth...

Ms. Rice on the hill today.

The first words out of her mouth were "September 11th, 2001..." (ok- after the kissy-kissy thank yous...)

9/11. The best thing that ever happened to her.

You know what, I'll question your integrity forever, you liar. You toady. You hack.

The time for diplomacy is NOW? No, now it's time for the quagmire. All that study of the Soviet Union she did at the Hoover Institute- did she skip the section on the Soviets in Afghanistan? Or did she just watch Rambo 3 and call it a night?

What do you say, Joe?

"Despite our great military might we are in my view more alone in the world than we've been in any time in recent memory. The time for diplomacy, in my view, is long overdue," Biden said.

Happy belated Delaware Day, Joe.


Dutchman said...

Somebody posted here yesterday, asking if we should consider Condi a "house slave", which I think is a bit much, by the way, but now that post is gone, and I didn't remove it.

Wassup, blogger? who did that? I rarely get comments, so I don't like them just dissappearing...

Maybe I dreamt it...

Dutchman said...

Of course, it was over on PatriotActors. here's the comment:

Anonymous said...
Liar? Toady? Hack? Dare we say Condy, the house slave?