Sunday, October 24, 2004

Day 2 Meteor Crater, Arizona and the Petrified Forest-Winslow, Arizona to Santa Rosa, New Mexico


Meteor Crater, AZ.

At the museum, Meteor Crater AZ. In keeping with our theme.


Remains of an apocalyptic event. The first thing I thought when I laid eyes on the crater was “it doesn’t look THAT big.” What’s wrong with me?

the all blonde Bush family in their cargo van- i felt a little angry with them. that's not good...

there's the remains of a crashed plane at the bottom of the crater. creepy

nobody died, though. not so creepy. again, what is wrong with me ?

Must say that the avuncular Wilfred-Brimley-Clone tour guide was, perhaps, too avuncular.


Need some wood?

Petrogylph, Puerco Pueblo, Petrified Forest NP

The Puerco Pueblo ruins. Made me realize what we would miss if we DID die in a nuclear armageddon: a big crater, and a bunch of ruins.


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