Saturday, October 30, 2004

Day 8 Saginaw to Van Horn, Texas

Saturday October 30

Fort Concho - Buffalo Soldiers - Spook House - Rectal Dialators

not just for your crotch anymore!

i see you

rectal dialtors on DISPLAY - they let kids in this place!

read this very carefully

that's a pisser

In Barnhart, Texas, Zac popped into a store ( the store, apparently) and the lady behind the counter told her that she left LA at her husband's request after 9/11 to move to Barnhart, where they would be safe.

A fellow apocalypse-wary refugee...

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Cassandra Complex said...

you forgot to mention that even though i was only in that store/grill/gas station/post office for less than five minutes, i still smelled like fried food miles and miles later -- and that was just from standin there talkin to her about the apocalypse and downtown la in the 80's... is survival worth it if you are going to smell like a fucking deep fat fryer the rest of your days?