Monday, October 25, 2004

Day 3 The Great Big Cross- Santa Rosa, NM to Saginaw, TX

I wonder what kind of reception that thing gets?

"Can you imagine how big the Jesus would be?"

Yes, honey, I can.

This thing is just off the highway near Groom, Texas. It's part of great big Jesusy compound complete with the 12 Stations of the Cross, the tomb, replica of the Shroud of Turin, and a memorial to the unborn.

I bet this is what the bathrooms in Heaven are like.

Christ holding a fetus

Thank You, Knights of Columbus!

A stranger pointed out to me that Jesus got skinnier as the stations progressed. I was so nervous about being on the Lord's turf that I wasn't sure if he was making a sacreligious smirky joke, or a poignant observation of Christ's suffering- his rapid weight loss under the Centurion's whip.

So I didn't know how to respond. "Yeah... how about that" I said, and moved on.

Um, who's the other guy?

Leela the One-Eyed Cat tried to get in between Jesus and the Roman soldier, but I told her it was no use. Jesus had to die for our sins. She's a good Kristian Kitty.

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