Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Day 4 VOTED Saginaw, TX


We filled in our absentee ballots today. It felt good to vote for John Kerry from inside the State of Texas.

Dude, that's a big flag.

Where we mailed our ballots from, Saginaw, Texas.

After we voted, and drove past the new Wal-Mart here in Saginaw (Always, Low Wages!) We went to get a coffee at a new coffee shop.

Our total came to $6.66. No kidding. Zac laughed and said "Huh, the Number of the Beast."

Then we noticed the magazines (Victory!) and the music playing (Christian Soft Rock) and finally, the shelf containing:

The entire Left Behind series.

Don't get behind in your Left Behind reading! Enjoy a latte and re-read Tribulation Force (the book is better than the movie!)

Suddenly the $6.66 total didn't seem so funny- and we wondered if the proprietors might be looking at us a little differently. Did they know?

"What's the video for?"

"Oh, we just got the new camera and we're still trying to figure it out, mumble mumble mumble..."

By the way, what should we make of that total, $6.66? Sign of the apocalypse? If there's an eclipse or something, I'm going to freak out.

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Spit said...

You aren't the only person who voted for Kerry in Texas. I live in Saginaw, I voted in Lake Worth, though. And, hey I was at our brand spanking new Wal Mart yesterday lol